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Volume: 4 Issue: 6
(June 2017)

dsm mid-term review includes focus digital health measures european commission (‘ec published 10 may 2017 mid-term review digital single


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DSM mid-term review includes focus on digital health measures

The European Commission (‘EC’) published on 10 May 2017 a mid-term review of its Digital Single Market Strategy, which assesses the progress made so far and comments on a number of areas relating to digital health. The review notes the progress made in achieving cost-effective, efficient and digitised healthcare services but also outlines areas where more needs to be done to achieve its goals.

The review calls for greater effort from Member States to implement a digital cross-border prescriptions service, which would enable the transfer of patient medical data from one Member State to another. It also notes a need for more pooling of expertise and data via European Reference Networks, as the EC believes they are “a striking demonstration of what Europe can achieve by pooling medical expertise and data for faster diagnosis and treatment of rare and complex diseases.” Finally, in order to learn how healthcare systems can best be improved, the EC calls for the facilitation of feedback-based interaction between healthcare providers and patients.


The EC intends to publish a document this year addressing the digital health areas that need further measures. Matthew Godfrey-Faussett, Partner at Pinsent Masons LLP, believes such measures should include suitable funding; access to data in a manner that is compliant with the changing data protection landscape; and incentives which encourage healthcare professionals and patients to adopt new working practices.


“Digital health solutions have an increasingly large role to play in shaping our healthcare services, however it is for our healthcare providers and their regulators to dictate the speed of implementation,” adds Godfrey-Faussett.

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