Current Issue (July 2017)

Volume: 3 Issue: 7

Singapore releases proposed new Cybersecurity Bill

Editorial: Fines will increase under the GDPR and this is how it may happen

Creating cyber resilient critical national infrastructure

A new information and communication technology risk management roadmap for European banks

The pan-African Internet Infrastructure Security Guidelines: aims, challenges and circumstances

South Korea launches measures to strengthen cyber security in the face of ransomware attacks

Australia and Singapore agreement shows potential for cyber security cooperation elsewhere

Q&A: The use of court-ordered Trojans in Germany

About Cyber Security Practitioner:

Cyber Security Practitioner, the most recently launched monthly publication from Cecile Park Media, provides a multi-disciplinary view on the cyber security challenges facing global businesses and delivers insight into operational change. It covers cyber security regulation, data breach, data security, cyber risk, cyber crime, ethical hacking, privacy and data protection, cyber infrastructure, technical solutions, risk management, information assurance, security standards, liability, consumer protection, ransomware and other cyber threats, cyber insurance... /read more

July's issue of Cyber Security Practitioner

July's edition of Cyber Security Practitioner provides indepth articles on the recent developments impacting the regulation of cyber security across the globe and how the evolving legal landscape for cyber and data security is impacting businesses. 

In this issue, Andy Wall, Head of Cyber Security at Atkins Global, discusses the role of cyber security in terms of the UK's critical national infrastructure, and looks at how cyber resilient infrastructure can be created. 

Elsewhere in this edition, Joao Luis Traca and Pedro Marques Gaspar of Miranda Law Firm explore the development and aims of the pan-African Internet Infrastructure Security Guidelines, and explain how the unique circumstances of the African continent impact on cyber security in the region. 

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