Current Issue (June 2017)

Volume: 3 Issue: 6

EU LIBE Committee draft Report on ePrivacy Regulation supports encryption

ECB to require banks under its supervision to report significant cyber incidents under new framework

Editorial: Queen’s Speech secures UK’s position as a data protection world leader - and enforcement will ramp up

The UK Civil Nuclear Cyber Security Strategy - Enabling transformation

Incentivising employees to engage with cyber security

US Government’s Internet of Things report highlights risks

Cyber defences in Romania

The implications of the monetary penalty notice issued against Construction Materials Online Ltd

A snoop at the UK’s draft Investigatory Powers (Technical Capability) Regulations 2017

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June's issue of Cyber Security Practitioner

June's edition of Cyber Security Practitioner provides indepth articles on the recent developments impacting the regulation of cyber security across the globe and how the evolving legal landscape for cyber and data security is impacting businesses. 

Highlights of June's issue include a detailed article from Phil Litherland and Rob Orr of Context IS on the developing cyber security risks to the nuclear industry. Focusing on the Civil Nuclear National Cyber Security Strategy that was published in February 2017, Litherland and Orr provide analysis of the evolution of civil nuclear cyber security obligations in the UK.

Another highlight of June’s issue is an insightful commentary on how to increase awareness of cyber risks in the workplace. In response to Financial Conduct Authority Executive Director Nausicaa Delfas’ statement that financial services firms should reward employees who identify cyber attacks, Ellie Hurst and Mike Gillespie of Advent IM consider how companies should encourage employees to engage with cyber security.

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