About our publication range

Cecile Park Media (CPM) is a publisher of legal publications - we were established in 1999 with the launch of the breakthrough print and online journal, E-Commerce Law & Policy, now rebranded as Digital Business Lawyer. We now publish a range of titles offering analysis and thought leadership on key growth areas, written by experts, for experts.

Adept at identifying emerging business sectors with unique legal issues, our publication range consists of:

  • Digital Business Lawyer - specialising in legal and policy developments affecting online businesses; topics range from e-privacy to apps, social media to marketing
  • World Sports Advocate - in-depth analysis of sports law and sporting regulations, from player contracts to broadcasting rights
  • Leading Internet Case Law - dedicated to key case law for the e-commerce and online business sector, on a global basis
  • Online Gambling Lawyer - the specialist online gambling law publication
  • Payments & FinTech Lawyer - focused on regulatory and policy developments in this fast-moving sector
  • Data Protection Leader - for data privacy and data protection professionals
  • Cyber Security Practitioner - for a multi-disciplinary view on cyber security challenges
  • Digital Health Legal - covering legal and regulatory issues and providing industry perspectives in the digital health sector